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Play-Doh Shape And Learn (Letters and Language)

RM 139.90

Inspire growing minds and discover the benefits of Play-Doh play with the Letters and Language playset! Encourage your child to build a foundation that can help them progress toward success as they explore pre-reading and pre-writing skills with the tools, playmats, and activities. Designed for kids ages 2 and up, the chunky stampers and stylus are great for little hands to stamp and write letters in Play-Doh compound while practicing their motor skills. Kids can use the stampers and double-sided playmats to engage in activities such as exploring letter recognition and identification, as well practicing letter sounds (with a little help from you, of course!). All of this hands-on exploration can also help encourage their sensory-motor development, including fine motor skills. The Together Time Guide can help you play an active role in your child's playful development with guided activities that let you customize the experience to their level. It's always better to discover together!

Includes 26 letter stampers, stylus, roller, 2 double-sided playmats, Together Time Guide, and 6 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound.

• Help your child explore pre-reading and pre-writing skills with Play-Doh fun
• Together Time Guide features activities to help you customize playtime
• Explore letter recognition and practice letter sounds with tools and activities
• Playmats feature activities to help promote matching and self-expression
• Can encourage sensory-motor development including fine motor skills
• Ages 2 years and up